Philip Ng

Philip Ng

Chief Executive Officer, Far East Organization, Singapore

Mr Philip Ng is the Chief Executive Officer of Far East Organization which is a family-owned property development and investment group operating in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Japan and Hawaii. Far East Organization operates as a Christian enterprise which seeks to be a community of love and a workplace of grace doing business guided by the eternal truths of Jesus Christ. Mr Ng is a Director of Hong Kong-based Sino Group, which is Far East Organization’s sister company, engaging in real estate activities in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with First Class Honours from King’s College, London University, UK and two Master degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA: Master of Science in Technology & Policy specialising in Geotechnical Engineering and Policy Analysis; Master in City Planning specialising in Urban Economics.

Mr Ng is a member of MOH (Ministry of Health) Holdings Healthcare Infrastructure and Planning Committee. He is also a fellow of King’s College and a member of the MIT Corporation (USA).

Mr Ng and his wife, Vy-vyen, have six children.