Ruan Zongze

Zongze Ruan

Executive Vice President, China Institute of International Studies, Beijing

Dr. Ruan Zongze is Executive Vice President and senior fellow at the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS). He is also a member of ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) Experts & Eminent Persons. Minister Counselor at the Embassy of the PRC in the United States (2007-2011), and diplomat at the Embassy of the PRC in the UK (1996-2000). Ph.D. at China Foreign Affairs Univesity. Research areas include U.S. foreign policy, Chinese foreign policy, international security and development. Author of Chinese Solution (China Publishing Group Corp. Beijing, 2017), A Diplomat’s Inside View of America (Jiang Su People’s Publishing LTD, Nanjing, 2012), and The Rise of China and the Transition of East Asia Order: Shaping and Expanding the Shared Interests (Peking University Press, Beijing, 2007). Appearing frequently on China Central Television and other major media.